June 2, 2010

The Wolf and the Fox

So, the start of a new project! Meg and I are working on putting together a children's book as a (belated) baby shower gift for her aunt. It's kind of an Aesop's fables/traditional story about when animals were people, and the Fox stole light from the Sun to give to the Moon. These are some first designs for the main characters, the Wolf and the Fox. I still need a Crow, a Sun, a Moon, maybe a few more animals with capital letters, and the children of the Wolf and the Fox. Until I get the draft of the story and the breakdown, I can't start sketching any compositions, but I can work on character designs and basic look and feel. Right now my thought is generalized modern setting, but the Wolf, the Fox, and their children, all hunt in the wild woods, and not with guns.