April 22, 2009


Dear Tawny; This is a page of legs :D

April 15, 2009

Ehlonna (DnD Goddess)

First of a series of five for my final project in Concepts 2; my self-designed project is to illustrate a selection of the deities from the Dungeons and Dragons universe in the tradition of medieval saint icons and images.

Here we have Ehlonna, the neutral good goddess of the woodlands. She represents balance, peace, and the natural world, uninterrupted. According to the Player's Handbook (I'm not looking at the deities book for this project, so as not to color my interpretations), her worshipers include elves, half-elves, rangers, druids, and those who live or make their livings in the woods. For this piece I chose to represent her as a traditional medieval hermaphrodite, an allegorical figure that represent balance by showing a single being that contains the range of human features. The hermaphrodite of this type of imagery has essentially two complete bodies, one male and one female, connected somewhere in the vicinity of the hip or ribcage. They're usually accompanied by other symbols of elements in balance, like the sun and moon, water and fire, or predators and prey at peace. I chose to take a light palette for this, along with simple costuming, to give the impression of light and purity. The backlighting was tricky to paint, but I wanted to give the figure a sense of luminescence even though technically the 'halo' is the light source. The textures applied to this are a collage of my own creation, which includes several prints of actual medieval images and a free texture from bittbox.

April 14, 2009

Edo-era Kyu

He's not my character, but I sure enjoy drawing him XD This is Kyu, my girlfriend's Fox/kitsune character, in a largely invented but Edo Period inspired outfit. Comes complete with cloudfeet and smirk! I did touch up the purple a bit in photoshop, but otherwise this is unedited watercolor :)

Cute animals and a guy from the market

Just wanted to post a little, though there's nothing too significant today--just two little creatures I doodled and liked well enough to finish, and one sketch from Visual Journalism, which is a class I need to post more work from. He was drawn from life, while we talked about art school and tattoos, at the market near Johns Hopkins Hospital. Today I spent my life on a sweet watercolor, so that'll be posted tomorrow or after, once I've gotten to a scanner.

Also, if you haven't done so already, I implore everyone to check out my website (http://myarmcanfly.net) for the massive gallery update and fixed up coding :D

April 2, 2009


Just practicing my digital painting techniques.... Warming up to maintain a consistent style for the next five weeks during my final projects for Concepts. I'll probably post my last concepts piece soon--I just haven't resized it anywhere between full print resolution and the tiny one on my website--speaking of which, http://myarmcanfly.net , check it out--very updated. Lots and lots of new images, many featured here but not all, and the lightbox code is working in full at last. Feedback always appreciated.