December 12, 2008

More lil' Norse Gods

Yup yup. More sketches, from today, and the box design wrap-around illustration (above). Also, Huginnmuninngerifreki, and the color design images for Thor and Loki! Excitement! Pictures! Silly things! Cuteness! Yay!

Final Project for Concepts

Well, this is it; I'm done with Illustration Concepts. Oh, sure, I have a final one-on-one critique with my teacher, but as far as work for the class, I'm done. So, before I dive headlong back into my final for Character Development (I've got some more sketches and progress to post later), here it is--my final series for Concepts I. I chose to do sourcebook-style illustrations and layouts of some of the fae races from one of my writing-worlds. The races illustrated here are the Daoine Sidhe, the Lesidhe, and the Cu Sidhe.

December 5, 2008

Character Design final sketches

Oh god, finals time. So much work. But I really love my final projects, so it's all good! These are the design sketches for my final in Character Development, which is going to be the full drawings for a series of blind box vinyl toys based on Norse mythology. I'm only doing three finished designs, due to time constraints, maybe a fourth one next week, but I could see this as several sets of toys, which I may keep working on because I enjoy the challenge. These are meant to fit in a single uniform sized box, so that you can't tell what's what, even with shaking, and for homework this week I'll be illustrating that box as well as working on the final color designs for these guys in illustrator.

As an aside, I love the names of objects in Norse myths, they're CRAZY. And clearly, Odin's ravens and wolves should be combined into a single creature called Huginnmuninngerifreki. End of story.

December 3, 2008

Poster design--Tokyo

So, I've been lame about updating--sorry all! Busy busy busy. But I'm back from Thanksgiving now, and embarking on various final projects and papers, so I have a little time now to post at least this. I've done other stuff, but it's not all scanned, so it'll have to be posted later. Might also post a cool photo or two I took on the morbid beach up by my cousin's place in Door county, if they turned out as well as I hope.

This assignment was to design a poster to advertise a city picked by name-out-of-a-hat, and lucky me, I got Tokyo! I wanted to portray it as a bustling, kinda crazy, but really fun place, so I chose to use some designer vinyl toys and this funky cityscape treatment. Left to right the toys are Ciao Ciao, by Tokidoki, Skull-kun, by Bounty Hunter, a Tinpo by UNKL, Shacho, a Takashi Murakami character toy, and a Bearbrick, by Mediacom. I realize they're not all exclusively Japanese designers, but as always with art some thing have to be chosen for aesthetics. I'm very happy with the end product; the final print is 18"x24", all digital from start to finish.