April 27, 2010


I think I may have used this title before, but I honestly can't remember. This is "Mythos" now, I guess. Last in-class drawing from Illusionism.... Ever. I'm really going to miss this class, though I can think of a few others I'm glad to be nearing the end of. The idea was to work with something intangible; vibrations, magnetism, gravity, emotion, etc. I chose to consider consciousness; specifically, the collective consciousness of mythology and fairy tales. My idea was to make an image that feels like a story, but you can't think of what it is. You think you've heard it, but you don't remember the details. This is probably my favorite piece out of this class all semester, I'm really proud of how it came out.

April 13, 2010

Works in Progress: Illusionism out-of-class

So, for Advanced Illusionism, we have pretty much free rein on our out-of-class work. For me, that means I can devote some real and serious time to pieces I want to make but can't justify working on when I have homework to do. Right now I'm working on a couple of different things, and thought you all might enjoy seeing the sketches. The first is at the left, my current project, and is going to be heavily inspired and influenced by the work of vector artist Milk. I love her images, both in style and content, and wanted to try my hand at developing a distinctive and more realistic look in Illustrator. This is the image I'll be working on to achieve that.

Second sketch is below. This is a companion piece to the last one I posted with these characters; the greys are just to show a basic idea of the values, with the light grey being the darker skin tone and the dark grey being that same deep teal collage as was used in the previous background.

April 7, 2010

A Day in My Life

An in-class drawing from Illusionism, based on the idea of time and the ways in which we perceive it. This is a map of my typical day. Interpret that as you will.

April 4, 2010

Business Card Designs

As usual, exactly what the title says. Here are some new designs I'm working on for my business cards, and I could really use some feedback on these. I'm planning to print them by the end of this week, along with as-yet-undisclosed postcards (probably two). The beveled corner lines are where these will actually be cut; outside of that is bleed room. I'd really like to do all four, but money may necessitate just printing two or three of them. The plan is to do them glossy on the front (top row) and matte on the back. So, give me some feedback! Like the colors? The images? Yes or no on the gloss fronts, matte backs? Is something seriously wrong with the text? Which two should I pick out of these, if I can only print two? Should I scrap this idea entirely (say that, I'll probably ignore you, many hours have already gone into these).

April 1, 2010

Vinylmore 3

Hey everbody! Are you in Baltimore right now? Do you have plans tomorrow night (april 2nd)? If you answered yes and then no, I have a solution for you! Vinylmore 3, Munnyland, is a show featuring a whole bunch of awesomely talented people who made excellent modified toys. My Tatanka is in the show, along with work from my friends Max, Taylor, Mike, and several of my department teachers. It's going to be a great show!

The location is Atomic Books, an awesome store in Hampden; 3620 Falls Rd. Baltimore, MD. The opening reception will be from 7 to 9 pm tomorrow, and everyone who comes will be able to vote for their favorite munny. If I know you in person, I'd love to hang out with all you cool people and have fun, and if I've never met you in person, I'd love to meet you, hang out, and have fun!

The image here was not made by me; this is the official poster for the show. My name is in the little sign on the right arm's side of town!

I don't know who you are (I don't want to know)

New out-of-class piece for Illusionism. I'm really interested in the differences between basic vital statistics written about a person--in this case, of course, an imagined character--and the outward presentation of that person. For this piece, I chose two characters (one from Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, played by myself, and the other from the Pathfinder RPG and played by my fiancee) who look nearly identical on paper. Their stats, weapons, race, and purpose within a party are the same. However, as this presentation of them shows, they are also opposites. I may continue to work with them for my next piece, I already have a composition idea in mind....