February 28, 2009

Armor Designs! (and a portrait)

Have I mentioned often enough how big a dork I am for DnD? Now, I've been designing armor for both of my active characters. Arella is a Tiefling with levels in fighter and Bloodhound, and she wears leather armor and is armed with a falchion; Xanthe is a centaur (clearly) with levels in Ranger and Barbarian, and she wears breastplate armor with her dire flail. I think Arella is more or less as she'll stay, but I'm probably gonna try some quick digital painting on Xanthe.

Doctor Otani, on the other hand, is my Personal and Abnormal Psychology teacher, and a really cool, sweet guy who asked me to draw him. He wanted a copy (print) of it, too, so let's hope that giving him that helps with my midterm!

February 25, 2009

Painted and printed and DONE

Now that I've got the prints in hand, properly adjusted, and ready for friday, I figured I'd go ahead and post this. I did do a few last adjustments after this version, but only minor edits to enhance the print quality, so this is essentially how it looks. I'd say this was about.... 2 hours on the pencils, and 12 on the digital painting. All photoshop, no unusual brushes or imported textures. Just me and mah round brush, on the tiniest tablet in the world.

February 22, 2009

Me, not procrastinating? How strange!

Check it out! This isn't even due until friday! I'm really pumped up about this piece right now, I've been working on it all day.

Cute, quick, DnD

My aforementioned DnD character, Arella, has a dog she's trying to train. She's failed her training checks with alarming frequency, and as a result, the dog has built up a reputation for peeing on things instead of obeying commands. That's pretty much all I have to say.

February 20, 2009


FINALLY! This is my "Godlings" pitch packet, in full and finalized. I also did a box design using the panorama in black and white.

Depending on You

I'm bad at uploading, I know. I have piles of stuff to show; not my last project, because it's not done to my satisfaction, but lots and lots of sketches. And the Godlings finals. Those, I'll try to get up tonight. But, for now, new sketches! These are for my Concepts II class. The assignment is to find an interesting and clear way to illustrate a complex concept, as though to accompany an article, though gallery pieces are also a legitimate way to go. I chose the conflict in Darfur for my topic. I have a list of 10 concepts/ideas, and then these are what came out; I started out with a more editorial mindset, but then I thought, "You know what, given the choice, I like to draw big weird monsters. Or skinny people in gas masks--yeah, that's it!" I didn't take the last two seriously, but my group/teacher actually all agreed on the gas mask sketch, so that's the one going to gloriously dark and creepy final!

February 5, 2009

Random sketches and vectors

I'm a huge dork. I love DnD. And I love my new character. And I love Illustrator. And all of these things have combined into the unholy monstrosity that is my new DnD character (a tiefling fighter on her way to the Bloodhound prestige class), naked, rendered entirely in vectors.
Also included, my longest-running character, re-imagined as the half-fiend ancestor of my DnD tiefling. And last, another vector image, just because I enjoy them, his name's Dallas and he's a bassist in a band with several other characters of mine.

Also, all the girls are naked. Because DnD-verse clothing is really complicated and I'm really lazy.

Someday, I will actually remember to resize and upload the final page designs from my Norse Gods pitch packet from last semester. Someday is not tonight.