September 28, 2008

And now, I design characters. Primarily out of squares.

In contrast to my one finished Illustration Concepts piece, I've done an overwhelming amount of work for my other studio class--Character Development. Each week we've had one homework assignment and then another assignment completed during the last two hours of class. It's frantic but fun, and I think I've gotten some really good pieces out of the process ^^ So, here's everything so far for that class! The originals are all about 9"x12" without their borders.

The first assignment was a character playing a musical instrument, with exaggerated and expressive body language. Naturally, I picked marching band, because there's always that one trumpet freshman you just want to smack.....

In class that week: randomly selected adjective, shape, and job. Mine? Excited, square, pilot. Got weirdly cut off during scanning, I'll get a better scan for the website later.

Next, The Only Survivor. Exactly what it sounds like. Any scenario; we had a lot of battles in the class's work, but also a lot of eating contests. I went for the rather disgruntled last unicorn, myself.
Then in class, The Odd Couple. Not necessarily a couple, but a pair of characters in one piece with contrasting body types/shapes/language. The jersey is the proper OSU jersey :P
After that, Team Up. 3-5 varied characters working together to fulfill a goal. This one is a work in progress again after I royally screwed it up by trying to add grass in ink.... I cut out the figures (the good part) and will be using them to complete the assignment in a different way; in the background there's plains and rolling mountains.... and a giant wooly mammoth foot. The source of terror. Down in front, the other object of attention; rabbit tracks. I'll post this again when it's properly finished, I hope.
Then in class this week, a transformation in 3-5 steps. A lot of people did cute-things-into-monsters, but I was getting sick of my square people and did this wiggly 1920s flapper turning into a bird instead, for a change of pace. The color was added later.
So, that's what I know about that.
Next up: Sketches. Because there's a lot of them.

Puss in Boots.... Cat in Geta?

So far, this is the only significant piece that my Illustration Concepts class has yielded... but I'm okay with that, as this one is awesome. The original drawings (one of the cat and mouse, an one of the background and drop shadows) are 7"x16", and the final prints (one black and white, one full color and texture) are..... 14"x32". Huge. Huge and I'm really proud of them both.

The assignment was to illustrate the climactic sce
ne from a well-known fairy tale, but set it in a difference time period than it usually takes place in. We were required to go large, but the specification was at least 16"x16", so the huge oversize was my choice. Fun stuff.
Click for bigness! You know you want to!

Sumi ink lines, charcoal powder-on-a-brush shading, scanned textures, and digital color.

Also, a couple of little sketches of just how a cat would wear those sandals. Why, I don't know.

Art cards, art cards, everywhere, but not a drop to drink

I think it would be officially appropriate to refer to my interest in making and trading artist trading cards (ATCs) as an obsession. Or a hobby, to use a more pleasant term? Either way, I love them. So, having made and sent quite a few out without showing them off for the most past, here's a little look at what I've been up to between class projects--this is all of them so far, but there are already new ones started.

Arranged by series, where there is a series, and with the newest at the top; click any of them to see the full-sized image! These are all 2.5"x3.5", and all but "Monarch of the Glen" (the top one) have been sent out to various swaps and individuals.

^ For the Zetti Booty swap

^ For the DoD "Dolls" swap

^ For the Fall Fantasy swap

^ For the Crystal Palace trade

^ For the first DoD swap