November 7, 2008

Vectory, vectory goodness

I have made it my personal goal to conquer Illustrator. I can do the fancy tricks with gradients and transparency; now, I'm trying to get together a coherent illustrative style with this program as my ally.

So, first, my Illustration Concepts book cover piece. I chose to re-do The Picture of Dorian Gray. The front cover and spine text is all hand-drawn, and the back is fonts. The gold leaf designs were free vectors from BenBlogged, but I did all the arrangement and patterning myself.

And then some fun for myself--I've been enjoying drawing little cute things like this, so I took my favorite one (a self portrait in my steampunk costume) in to play with more vectors.


Wendy said...

oh my goodness... you are getting so good. o_o Love seeing all your stuff. :) *HUGS*

PS: SteamPunk!You is ubercute. Also, that foxy tattoo is really really cool (I secretly want it on me XD). I also really like your life sketches. I think they are possibly my favourite things you draw... feels like I get to see things from your eyes.

*more hugs* :3

Alison Marks / 水崎彩衣 said...

Your self-portrait is CUUUUUTTEEEEE!!!!!!