April 2, 2009


Just practicing my digital painting techniques.... Warming up to maintain a consistent style for the next five weeks during my final projects for Concepts. I'll probably post my last concepts piece soon--I just haven't resized it anywhere between full print resolution and the tiny one on my website--speaking of which, http://myarmcanfly.net , check it out--very updated. Lots and lots of new images, many featured here but not all, and the lightbox code is working in full at last. Feedback always appreciated.


Eluneth said...

Nice texturing, and I really like her facial expression and the lighting and the line quality of her hair. :X

TWells.1 said...

...Just a thought. You should do a nice portrait of a crotch and legs next! Since torsos seem to have dominated a lot of your pieces.
Seriously, just legs. <3