July 7, 2010

Fox's Children

Another image from the designs for the book Meg and I are working on. These are some of Fox's many children--cute, aren't they? They are the central point of the plot, even if they're not the main characters. See, they're not very fast or strong--they're small, but they're cunning. In order for them to hunt like Wolf's children, they need to hunt at night and sneak up on their prey, and that's the reason Fox goes to steal light from the Sun. He wants his children to be able to see in the dark. There will probably be 12-20 Fox children in the final book, but these are a few preliminary images.

Also, faithful readers, check out my other new blog! Little Paws, Little Claws is just getting started, but it will be a dedicated space for discussion and new images based on my Book of Many Beasts and its future related projects. Some of the images are new, some are older but with more in depth and behind-the-scenes info, but all of them are cute! I'll be updating regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the large backlog of images I have to post there will help me keep to that, so go check it out for twice weekly doses of adorable little animals!

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