December 12, 2008

Final Project for Concepts

Well, this is it; I'm done with Illustration Concepts. Oh, sure, I have a final one-on-one critique with my teacher, but as far as work for the class, I'm done. So, before I dive headlong back into my final for Character Development (I've got some more sketches and progress to post later), here it is--my final series for Concepts I. I chose to do sourcebook-style illustrations and layouts of some of the fae races from one of my writing-worlds. The races illustrated here are the Daoine Sidhe, the Lesidhe, and the Cu Sidhe.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Eee! I love your Sidhe!! I love the choice of font and faded/burnt paper, too. It gives it a very old, historical-type, 'found' feel. Like finding something hidden away in a dusty attic. Subtly creepy, but beautiful. I don't know if I'm describing this right. ^^; And is that watercolor? I love the bright, yet faded tones - great colour choices!