December 3, 2008

Poster design--Tokyo

So, I've been lame about updating--sorry all! Busy busy busy. But I'm back from Thanksgiving now, and embarking on various final projects and papers, so I have a little time now to post at least this. I've done other stuff, but it's not all scanned, so it'll have to be posted later. Might also post a cool photo or two I took on the morbid beach up by my cousin's place in Door county, if they turned out as well as I hope.

This assignment was to design a poster to advertise a city picked by name-out-of-a-hat, and lucky me, I got Tokyo! I wanted to portray it as a bustling, kinda crazy, but really fun place, so I chose to use some designer vinyl toys and this funky cityscape treatment. Left to right the toys are Ciao Ciao, by Tokidoki, Skull-kun, by Bounty Hunter, a Tinpo by UNKL, Shacho, a Takashi Murakami character toy, and a Bearbrick, by Mediacom. I realize they're not all exclusively Japanese designers, but as always with art some thing have to be chosen for aesthetics. I'm very happy with the end product; the final print is 18"x24", all digital from start to finish.

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