March 10, 2009

War Pig--Toy time!

My info/blurb on this blog has always mentioned that I like/collect/paint vinyl toys, but I've never actually shown one of my toys here. This is in part due to my laziness with unfinished projects; I have a Baby Qee I've been intending to paint for ages, and my brass-look Munny/Qee hybrid is still not quite up to my satisfaction. But it's also because I often forget to photograph things like this well. So here's my trying to change that, with some good, detailed shots of my newest finished toy.

I call him War Pig. He's painted on a 4" Flying Fortress Teddy Trooper DIY blank, using aircraft and model paint, Tamiya enamel, and chalk pastels.

1 comment:

Taylor Fischer said...

your pig is rockin that helmet :o