May 7, 2009


IT IS DONE. Yes, that's right, I mean what I say; I do have a critique tomorrow, but all of my work for this semester is finished! I printed the god-portraits today, and believe you me; they are absolutely STUNNING at 17" tall.

In celebration, I give you the final of the four; Hieroneous! Hieroneous is the lawful good god of law, order, and valor. Sounds good, right? In practice, he's a good god, but a harsh master. Everything is very black and white to his followers, who include a lot of paladins and clerics, and if you're not fully and properly holy.... You're pretty much dead. They will eradicate scum like you. I wanted to show the duality of a very holy and yet very menacing figure; inspired by medieval saints, his banner impales a tiny demon to show triumph over evil, and the six wings allude to the Seraphin who directly guard the throne of god in christianity. His armor is my own invention, based on full plate mail.

As a bonus, here's the whol group as I printed them, fully complete with all edge treatments and adjustments.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I gasped. I hope your crit goes well!!

ArtPfunk said...

Wow! I'm loving the background textures! And the character design is fab :D This is EraserQueen from in case your wondering LOL I just found out you had a blog.

Alison Marks / 水崎彩衣 said...

The color choices are great, their gorgeous.