September 22, 2009

Dallas Allegory

This new tablet (Intuos4 Medium) is amazing. And it's really late at night. And that's all I have to say right now, ask specific questions if you want more and I'll answer them when I'm awake again.


Tawny said...

Is awesome. Tell about the process, please?

Wolfie said...

It's almost entirely graphite, actually XDDDD The drawing was done in pencil, with some application of powdered graphite on a brush for smoother gradations. The original drawing really doesn't go any darker than an HB, if that, but then I scanned it and pumped the contrast way up with curves. The tattoos were drawn on the original, then just color flats laid over the drawing, which was incredibly tedious and painstaking. Same for the apple, though obviously I did do a LITTLE photoshop-painting to bring out the shine. Background is a text collage of photocopied pages of Tennyson poetry that I made years ago and love to re-use, in this case darkened way the hell down to push it back. And voila! It's actually mostly traditional media, in the end :o

Tawny said...

Sweeeeeeeeet :3