September 14, 2009

I am not the walrus

Waistcoated Walruses Walloping a Wastrel.
Quick getting-to-know-eachother assignment for The Illustrated Book--create and illustrate an amusing 4-word alliteration. Hooray!

I actually don't have anything more to say about this piece. Watercolor and graphite, still planning to tweak a little in photoshop to push the bricks back, but overall I'm very happy. I think walruses should always have mutton chops and waistcoats.


cait o said...

I applaud most anyone who manages saturated colors with watercolor! Cute piece, I especially like the walrus preparing to wallop~

Tawny Wells said...

I LOVE the foreground Walrus' face! Use reference? His angle across his face is where the most depth happens, I think, and directs the eye to the wastrel. Is wonderful :B