December 16, 2009

Senior Thesis Finals

I think I posted one of these in progress...? Well, these are the finals. The only final pieces I have coming out of my first semester--though I did seven pieces' worth of work. The first three, you see, I drew, digitally painted, made backgrounds for.... and then scrapped everything except the linework. I wasn't happy with the way they were coming out, and knew that for both my portfolio and myself I needed to be truly proud of the finished work. So I started over. I used the same lines, but the second time through I treated each creature to a lot more hand work. I did all the rendering with a pencil and a magnifying glass--no lie! They're all fully furred where appropriate, it's just hard to see at this size. The prints are gorgeous. The backgrounds were completed on separate pages, also in pencil, and then everything was compiled and given flat colors in photoshop. The result? Something I'm proud to call my work.


Anonymous said...

Super lovely. I especially like the last one..the wolf one. I think the color choices are the strongest in this one. I'm glad you left the backgrounds as minimal linework. I feel like if they had been fully rendered, they would have overpowered your creatures. *Thumbs up!*

Tawny said...

The only crit I have is the lack of shadow for the last piece... he's floating a bit, especially because the rocks have some shading!
Otherwise, DAMN. You better be proud of that series. I cannot WAIT to see the prints!

Anonymous said...

These are WAY cool. I like the middle one the best.