February 2, 2010

Basil and Rolf

Advanced illusionism is a great class. I highly recommend it for all MICA illustration students, seriously. This week, we had to bring in a childhood snack we haven't eaten in a long time and then do a drawing based on some of the memories that come to us while eating it. I ate an orange flavored Flintstones Push-Up--it was delicious, and it reminded me of Basil, the beagle I grew up with. It was a really pleasant experience to work on. To the left is a detail of the first little square panel, and below is the whole piece. Also in this post, the sketch for my out of class assignment. I'll be printing the sketch, lightboxing it to a charcoal drawing, and then scanning again for color and "old photo" treatment. Should be a lot of fun!


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