February 25, 2010

Little Shields

So, this semester, I'm using the same source material for my thesis work, but I'm taking it in a different direction entirely. I really love the pieces I made last semester, but I feel like I've taken them as far they can go; they show technical skill, but continuing in the same vein shows little else. So now that I've done them realistic, I've done nitpicky pencil work, and I've done subtle, understated, naturalistic colors, it's time to show my flexibility. From the same animal descriptions and similar kinds of information, I'm now creating a mass-market and child friendly body of work. These are being completed in illustrator, and will be presented at midterm with 6 to 9 more that I haven't finished yet. Each will be printed on heavy cardstock, around 5 or 6 inches high, and cut out around the shield and banner itself. I think I'm going to mount them with those little foam squares to give them a nice shadow on the wall. Enjoy!

Oh, and in other news, I'm entering Tatanka the mini munny centaur in this spring's Vinylmore show, so wish me luck!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these! Especially the cat-like one with the fern antlers - sleeping he's so cute!