May 4, 2010

I Wish I Knew You (Loved Me)

Chronologically, this drawing actually came before Patron Saint of Rock 'n Roll, but I just finished up the final texturing and processing for print tonight. This was done entirely in illustrator before the textures, and though I have a lot of things I would change about it if I had the time I feel better about the end result than I did initially. This is a companion piece of sorts to the Patron Saint piece, since they feature the same character and related themes and looks. This was a really valuable learned experience for me, even if the final piece isn't my favorite.

With any luck, the next post here will be photos of the completed Book of Many Beasts and the Commencement show!

1 comment:

Rachel Stark said...

I really dig this one -- especially the wings!

Also, I saw your drawing on the CenterStage madoobie program last night, huzzah!