May 28, 2010


These should have been posted a while back, but it's been awfully busy with graduation, moving, etc. I finally managed to get some clear shots of my prints from last semester during the commencement show, so it's high time they got posted. These are all linoleum block prints, using bone black and a mixed red I made myself, and the two-color print is on two blocks hand printed with a registration system. Two of these are based on short stories by Neil Gaiman.

On the left is "Be Bold, Be Bold," created for the short story "The White Road." If you've never read it, you really should; it's a fairytale re-interpretation of the classic English story about a Bluebeard-style killer who was actually a Fox. The damning evidence thrown down at the end is a severed hand, but only the accused man realizes that it's actually a fox's paw.

This one is actually a re-print for commencement of a block cut my sophomore year. It was actually my first linocut, but I still really like it. This paper suits it a lot better, though; it's a paper called Nideggen, and I ended up printing on it all semester. The texture is really nice under the block ink, and gives almost a linen scroll look in person.

The last one here is called "Time Is Fluid Here," based on a mobius story called "Other People." It's about a demon who turns a man into a demon who turns a man into a demon who.... You get the picture. It can be read in round over and over, which I did once, it was really interesting. The description of the demon in the story doesn't match the one I drew, but I wanted to re-invent him a little and keep him more closely related to the human version.

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