September 28, 2008

Art cards, art cards, everywhere, but not a drop to drink

I think it would be officially appropriate to refer to my interest in making and trading artist trading cards (ATCs) as an obsession. Or a hobby, to use a more pleasant term? Either way, I love them. So, having made and sent quite a few out without showing them off for the most past, here's a little look at what I've been up to between class projects--this is all of them so far, but there are already new ones started.

Arranged by series, where there is a series, and with the newest at the top; click any of them to see the full-sized image! These are all 2.5"x3.5", and all but "Monarch of the Glen" (the top one) have been sent out to various swaps and individuals.

^ For the Zetti Booty swap

^ For the DoD "Dolls" swap

^ For the Fall Fantasy swap

^ For the Crystal Palace trade

^ For the first DoD swap


kit-cat said...

Ah ah ah so many things to comment on, I don't know where to begin! D:

I really love that first one, you do wings so nicely~ The following backs are lovely too, that last one particularly oh the colorrrrrrs are love~

Being one with an obsession with masks, I really love those masked Sphyinxes (?). The way you used the grey paper is absolutely beautiful, I love the simplicity of the masks and the complexity of their wings.

The following voodoo dolls are adorable. As are those birds. Really, REALLY cute. And that panda! Aaaaah LOVE.

Are the last ones prints? Geez, you have such a range of styles, it's FANTASTIC.

Wolfie said...

Hooray, ilu forever for comments! I think that Monarch, the last butt card, and the grey series are my personal favorites. I was kinda sad to send out the last butt card...

I don't know what the masked things are--I've just been calling them the Angelus series, because they're kinda like screwed up angels to me. They're a lot of fun to draw, and they were actually all cut out of my sketchbook for card purposes--the grey sketchbook is the best thing in the world, ever. Makes for such nice sketches! And they can even become finished work, with relatively little trouble, which I really like.

Cute cards are great, because everybody, even on a less-than-professional forum like the one where I trade, loves them!

The last three are prints ^^ Those were the first cards I did, over the summer, when I was a genius and decided to do linocuts.... without a press of any kind. Hence the kind spotty pressure and fuzzy edges. But they turned out okay, and I may re-print those blocks for another purpose at some point. Only with a press this time.

Glad you enjoyed them! You should make art cards, they're fun and I want to start some in-person MICA trades around here so we can get some better cards than the stuff I'm getting back in swaps!

Anonymous said...

Briiiilliant stuff, Wolfie. We HAVE to do a trade sometime! "Monarch of the Glen" would an awesome tattoo design, and I am head over heels in love with the "angelus" pieces, especially the first and second ones. The folk-artsy little birds are adorable, too.

Wolfie said...

I didn't even think about Monarch as a tattoo design :o Which is odd, since that's how I treat most of my heraldry-inspired images... Like Rom's tattoo, or Adrienne's. But you're right. Now I want to see that on skin...

Everybody loves the Angelus series XD I got 7 or 8 messages asking for trades for them as soon as I posted the images.

Anonymous said...

you are super-awesome. I especially love the gray ones; what a quirky, character-ful creation! =)

Anonymous said...

So... when can we trade? X3

Anonymous said...

ZETTI BOOTY SWAP!? Ummm Excuuuuuuuuse me... but are you part of the ATCs for All or Illustrated ATCs forums?!?! Cuz if you are... WHY HAVEN'T YOU SAID HI TO ME ON THEM YET!?

Wolfie said...

Glad you like! I may never get over grey paper. It makes my life a happy place.

Now? 8D?

OH GOD. I'm on ATCs for All on your recommendation! Um... Sorry I'm lame? XD; It's a big forum!