September 28, 2008

Puss in Boots.... Cat in Geta?

So far, this is the only significant piece that my Illustration Concepts class has yielded... but I'm okay with that, as this one is awesome. The original drawings (one of the cat and mouse, an one of the background and drop shadows) are 7"x16", and the final prints (one black and white, one full color and texture) are..... 14"x32". Huge. Huge and I'm really proud of them both.

The assignment was to illustrate the climactic sce
ne from a well-known fairy tale, but set it in a difference time period than it usually takes place in. We were required to go large, but the specification was at least 16"x16", so the huge oversize was my choice. Fun stuff.
Click for bigness! You know you want to!

Sumi ink lines, charcoal powder-on-a-brush shading, scanned textures, and digital color.

Also, a couple of little sketches of just how a cat would wear those sandals. Why, I don't know.


Anonymous said...

zomg total badassery. I am so impressed, Wolfie! I love the gnarly pose and charcoaled colors, and the concept of a cat-in-geta is just too cute. The concept art of Puss is awesome, too - it just looks so professional.

Wolfie said...

I really wish that I could show everyone this piece as the full-sized print, because if you think it's badass on a screen you'll be floored by it at 32 inches tall!

Puss's markings were based on my cat at home, Xena (Warrior Princess). I've been told that she's now the size of a house and a holy terror to everyone she comes in contact with, and that had a lot of influence on the sketching for the final piece (though not these particular sketches)

kit-cat said...

This is what kept you at the print lab for hours on end? Ah, it must be amaaaaaazing, I love the composition, very much like those old Asian silk scrolls.

Also am in love with the squatting Puss in that sketch, so cute! |3

Wolfie said...

The final prints are so epic and awesome that I don't mind how long I spent at the print lab anymore--it was definitely worth it. I wasn't originally going for the silk scroll look--I don't know what I was going for, honestly, I was just attacking a page with charcoal--but then I used the resemblance to choose my time period, so it worked out in the end.

That sketch is one of my favorite things about this piece XD But it's literally about an inch tall!

Anonymous said...

Wow. It really does look professional!! Need I say, Portfolio?!
PS I miss you!!! Get on skype or aim!!!
<3 Tawny