September 28, 2008

And now, I design characters. Primarily out of squares.

In contrast to my one finished Illustration Concepts piece, I've done an overwhelming amount of work for my other studio class--Character Development. Each week we've had one homework assignment and then another assignment completed during the last two hours of class. It's frantic but fun, and I think I've gotten some really good pieces out of the process ^^ So, here's everything so far for that class! The originals are all about 9"x12" without their borders.

The first assignment was a character playing a musical instrument, with exaggerated and expressive body language. Naturally, I picked marching band, because there's always that one trumpet freshman you just want to smack.....

In class that week: randomly selected adjective, shape, and job. Mine? Excited, square, pilot. Got weirdly cut off during scanning, I'll get a better scan for the website later.

Next, The Only Survivor. Exactly what it sounds like. Any scenario; we had a lot of battles in the class's work, but also a lot of eating contests. I went for the rather disgruntled last unicorn, myself.
Then in class, The Odd Couple. Not necessarily a couple, but a pair of characters in one piece with contrasting body types/shapes/language. The jersey is the proper OSU jersey :P
After that, Team Up. 3-5 varied characters working together to fulfill a goal. This one is a work in progress again after I royally screwed it up by trying to add grass in ink.... I cut out the figures (the good part) and will be using them to complete the assignment in a different way; in the background there's plains and rolling mountains.... and a giant wooly mammoth foot. The source of terror. Down in front, the other object of attention; rabbit tracks. I'll post this again when it's properly finished, I hope.
Then in class this week, a transformation in 3-5 steps. A lot of people did cute-things-into-monsters, but I was getting sick of my square people and did this wiggly 1920s flapper turning into a bird instead, for a change of pace. The color was added later.
So, that's what I know about that.
Next up: Sketches. Because there's a lot of them.

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kit-cat said...

I loooooove the flapper girl turning into a bird~ Your unicorn is also fantastically forlorn and those expressions on those cave men-hunters crack me up. Especially the big one going, "OH HAI THAR BIG THING LOOMING".