October 4, 2008

Astronauts! Dinosaurs! Teenage tigers!

More character development--the finished piece from those sketches! The assignment was 10 or more characters interacting, and some of the work we were shown for inspiration were some of Dan Witz's mosh pit paintings. They really struck me, and though of course my piece isn't nearly that epic I did like the idea of filling the entire page with nothing but figures. From this rose forth..... The Truth About Extinction. The left is the hand drawn piece I presented in class, and the right is an edited version I'll be printing out as well.

And then another in class assignment, though not one I liked as well as previous ones; design the hip sales icon niece or nephew of a well-known advertising character. We could choose from the Jolly Green Giant, Smokey the Bear, or Tony the Tiger. I invented Tommy the Tiger, who is what 13 and 14 year olds want older teenagers to be like.


kit-cat said...

Those dinos and space men are so cuuuuuute and look really soft. So. It's kind of tragic that it's a MASSACRE.

And I like how Tony has gone from STRONG BUFF JOCK to relaxed emo kid. :3

Wolfie said...

It's the cutest massacre ever! :D

And skinny emo kids are cool these days, or so I hear tell :P

Anonymous said...

zomg poor dinosaurs. ;o;