February 28, 2009

Armor Designs! (and a portrait)

Have I mentioned often enough how big a dork I am for DnD? Now, I've been designing armor for both of my active characters. Arella is a Tiefling with levels in fighter and Bloodhound, and she wears leather armor and is armed with a falchion; Xanthe is a centaur (clearly) with levels in Ranger and Barbarian, and she wears breastplate armor with her dire flail. I think Arella is more or less as she'll stay, but I'm probably gonna try some quick digital painting on Xanthe.

Doctor Otani, on the other hand, is my Personal and Abnormal Psychology teacher, and a really cool, sweet guy who asked me to draw him. He wanted a copy (print) of it, too, so let's hope that giving him that helps with my midterm!


Niomi said...

Hey Sarah, I haven't talked to you in a long time. What edition are you playing?

I like your Tiefling drawing. That race usually isn't presented so cute.

Wolfie said...

Hey :D

I play 3.5--my group did do the test-run thing for 4.0, but we've opted to stick with 3.5 because we feel like it offers a lot more versatility and options in characters and campaigns.

I like Tieflings because I think the same thing about them--they leave a lot of room for interpretation depending on the individual character's background. I also just like to play offbeat races, though level adjustments can be a bitch.

Niomi said...

I never got to play much 3.5. I'm in several 4.0 campaigns. I hear from those who I play with that they prefer 4.0 because it's harder to munchkin. I played a rogue in 3.5 and I have to say that class was more fun in the older edition. I don't like battle tactics so much in the new edition, lots of stuff to keep track of.

I play a Tiefling Cleric of Avandra. I too like her race although for me it's out of my type since I tend to pick small squirrely races.