February 5, 2009

Random sketches and vectors

I'm a huge dork. I love DnD. And I love my new character. And I love Illustrator. And all of these things have combined into the unholy monstrosity that is my new DnD character (a tiefling fighter on her way to the Bloodhound prestige class), naked, rendered entirely in vectors.
Also included, my longest-running character, re-imagined as the half-fiend ancestor of my DnD tiefling. And last, another vector image, just because I enjoy them, his name's Dallas and he's a bassist in a band with several other characters of mine.

Also, all the girls are naked. Because DnD-verse clothing is really complicated and I'm really lazy.

Someday, I will actually remember to resize and upload the final page designs from my Norse Gods pitch packet from last semester. Someday is not tonight.

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